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Motivational Poster!: 2 Stars

De-Motivational posters are very common on the internet these days, but people often forget about the thing they were based on–Motivational posters. Why not make one of those for a change of pace? Motivate yourself (or someone else).

“Motivational Poster!” ds106 Assignment Bank,

For the Motivational Poster assignment I wanted to create something that would not only motivate me but motivate others as well. For this creation I thought back to around last August and September. I was having a very hard time going back to school last year about two weeks after my boyfriend of two and a half years passed away suddenly. I was final getting back into the swing of things when my sister’s wedding was coming up, on September 15, 2018. My whole family was setting up for her wedding when I had to run home to grab something, and that is when I had one of the worst days of my life. As I was on my way home I turned onto a road and saw a car accident, the police and everyone were already there but I had to sit and wait to get through. The whole time I’m thinking that my mom is going to be mad that it took me so long to get back, and then that’s when I saw the truck. It was my dad’s white F-150 crushed into a tree. My dad ended up missing my sister’s wedding but he was okay after a week’s stay in the ICU at MCV. After everything that happened early last fall, I found myself having trouble being at school and I needed ways to cope. I found comfort in inspirational quotes on Pinterest. So for this project I made my own inspirational quote that would have been something that got me through a lot last fall. I needed to find my happiness again, and about March of this year I was able to be “okay” again.


  1. Find your picture- for me this was a picture I took at “my happy place” which is the beach
  2. Open the Snapchat app on your phone

3. Figure out a caption- for me it was “Happiness comes in waves, so bare with the lull because the next set is coming.

4. Tap the screen to type and then pick your font.-see photo for number 2. for this as well

5. Save this picture and open the Bazaart app on your phone

6. Position the photo so that you have a little bit of background showing and then pick a color to fill it- mine was black

7. Then you just save this photo


  1. Callie Dunham says:

    Thank you for sharing everything you went through. Your poster is great and very relatable and your steps on how to make it were very easy to follow!

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