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Create A Place: 4 Stars

For this assignment create a place by just using sound. For example, make the listener know where they are if outside use birds, cars, etc. You can get sounds from https://freesound.org 

Below is one of my favorite beachy songs that always makes me want to go to the beach.

For this assignment I wanted to create my peaceful place and incorporate walking on seashells. The beach is very calming for me and I enjoy it a lot and one of my favorite activities to do at the beach is to look for seashells. I also enjoy looking for shark’s teeth and I like hearing the shifting of the shells as you pick through them. I love sitting and listening to the ocean and I enjoy watching my little cousins feed the seagulls. Here I have linked a few beaches that I would love to visit.

In this assignment I was able to overlap the seagulls on top of the waves and the crunching of the shells. I did this because I thought the seagulls would add ambiance and really make you feel like you were at the beach while listening to this. I really wanted this assignment to make me feel like I was on the beach, in the water, or on the deck at the cottage.


  1. I went to Freesound and downloaded a few of the free sounds
  2. I uploaded everything to Audacity
  3. I played around with the order and length of the sounds

4. Once I got all of the sounds correct, I converted the file into an mp3 file

5. I then exported the file to my SoundCloud and uploaded it


  1. modoglover says:

    Great work! This really makes me want to go on a vacation to the beach. I like how you layered the sounds to really create a beach ambiance.

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