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You’ve Made My GIFlist: 3.5 Stars

To-do lists can help us get stuff done. An animated gif of your completed to-list is evidence of your awesome ability to get stuff done. 

1) Use software on your computer, an app on your phone or an old fashioned pen and paper to create a to-do list of tasks or things you need to complete. 

2) Start a task or thing on your list. Complete it. For each completed task or thing, take a screen capture or photo and then continue to work through the list. 

3) Once you have completed each task or thing on your list, compile your screen captures or photos and then publish as an animated gif.

4) Share your achievement with the world.

“You’ve Made My GIFlist.” ds106 Assignment Bank,’ve-made-my-giflist/.

I chose this assignment because as my mom says “I am the queen of To-Do lists.” I love to make a To-Do list because I like knowing that I have accomplished and completed something. I also like list because then I never forget what I was supposed to get done. It’s harder to lose track of what you need to be doing when you write it down- unless of course you lose the list. This assignment was a little hard for me just because most of my To-Do lists are on my Notes app in my phone now. I only write down a To-Do list when I am at work. It was difficult during the day to try and remember not to throw my lists away before I took pictures and made the GIF, and I also spilled water on one of the lists I had made.


  1. I took pictures of all of my lists
  2. I then used the Clips app on my phone to put the pictures together

3. Then I changed the speed on each photo for how long it was in the video

4. After I trimmed each picture, I saved the video

6. From there I open the Momento app

7. From here I trimmed the video down from 4 seconds to 2 seconds

8. Next I hit the save button and chose “Save GIF”

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