Machu Picchu

Destination Post Card: 3 Stars

Create a destination postcard using any design software of your choice. Start by choosing an image from a location and put some some words over the image just like a postcard. I personally used canva to create the postcard.

“Destination Post Card.”ds106 Assignment Bank,

For this assignment I wanted to make a post card for somewhere that I have never been and somewhere that I would love to go. My post card is from Machu Picchu and the Galapagos, but unfortunately I couldn’t think of anyhting to rhyme with Galapagos so I did a picture of a turtle on the beach below Machu Picchu. I have always wanted to go to the Galapagos to see the underwater wild life there. I see it on TV every year during shark week and it just amazes me at hoe beautiful the island and the water there are.


  1. Find the picture you want to use
  2. Make an account at Canva- it’s free
  3. Select your format- they give you a bunch of free ones to use
  4. Place your picture on the template

5. Type your caption and play around with font, size, and color

6. Then you have a post card from there you hit the download button location in the top right and then chose which type of file you want to save


  1. emadden1240 says:

    I love that you wrote about somewhere you wanted to go instead of somewhere you have already been. I want to go to the galapagos as well. I would have to agree with you that not many things rhyme with Galapagos. I like that you chose to put a Galapagos tortoise. I have heard that they are one of the most spectacular things to see while visiting.

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