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Sound Effects Story: 4 Stars

Tell a story using nothing but sound effects. There can be no verbal communication, only sound effects. Use at least five different sounds that you find online. The story can be no longer than 90 seconds. Another example (by a UMW student):

This is basically how I feel every morning driving in the traffic on my way to work.

I wanted to make something that I do/hear every morning. I really did not want to just do my morning routine at home so I decide to make this assignment my daily commute and then a little bit of what I hear at the office daily. I don’t hate my job, however; I hate my commute. I get stuck in traffic every morning and instead of being able to clock in early I always clock in right at 8 am. No matter how early I leave I am always late because of one factor or another. This somewhat of my daily commute, Google maps says it’s a 32 minute drive, but I spend about an hour everyday driving to work.

I had an extreme amount of trouble with this assignment. I watched tutorial after tutorial and I was completely lost. By the time I figured one thing out, something else wasn’t working. Once I finally completed this assignment, I was actually kind of proud with how it turned out. With a little bit more work and playing around more with Audacity I think this could have been better, but I plan to play around with Audacity more during this week.

For this assignment I pieced together some of the everyday sounds I hear on my way to work. These include me locking my back door, starting my car, honking, accelerating, my office door opening, a keyboard typing and someone slurping coffee. I know that not all of these sounds are my commute but I wanted to include the moments before and after my commute to work.


  1. I downloaded Audcaity-very easy just follow the instructions
  2. I went online to  and I started listening to different sounds after I made a free account

3. I started downloading the sounds I wanted to use

4. I started playing around with where I wanted some of the sounds to go and in what order

5. I downloaded LAME and then exported my file and turned it into an mp3 file

Downloading LAME


  1. modoglover says:

    Great sound effects story! I also had trouble with Audacity at first but i’m getting better the more I use it. Your tutorial will be useful when I do my sound effects story.

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