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GIF Your Sassy Animal: 3 Stars

Create a GIF of your pet giving you some sas. All animals do and it is generally pretty funny. 

“GIF Your Sassy Animal.” ds106 Assignment Bank, assignments.ds106.us/assignments/gif-your-sassy-animal/.

I found this assignment at the purrfect time. It was about 7:00 am and I had just found the GIF Your Sassy Animal assignment. So as I have said before I have a cat named Esme. She is a relatively new pet for me as I got her in April of this year. When I brought her to my house for the summer, my mom’s cats immediately hated her. They fight all of the time and it’s gotten ridiculous. Luckily for Esme she is coming back to school with me in August to stay in my apartment. The other morning I was looking at the GIF assignment bank before work and I heard Esme and another cat fighting, I didn’t think too much into it because they always fight and it doesn’t last long- I also didn’t have the energy to break up a cat fight at 7:00 am. A little while later one of my mom’s cats walks up to me- her name is B, as B is walking up to me I notice something on her foot. So I was trying to be nice and get it off for her and then I realized that what is stuck in her claw is a chunk of Esme’s fur. My mom found it hilarious so she grabbed my phone and we took a picture. While taking the picture B decides to give us some sass and raise one side of her upper lip. B is the sassiest cat my mom has so I thought this assignment would be perfect to capture her sassiness.


  1. I found the assignment and photo to use
  2. I opened the Momento app on my phone

3. I then uploaded the photo I wanted to use

4. Then I sped up the video to the pace I wanted

5. Then I pressed the save button and chose “Save GIF”


  1. modoglover says:

    Love your sassy kitty and your in depth tutorial is great!

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