Where are we?!?

Are We There Yet?: 3.5 Stars

Take an existing image and change the concept in where you are at and what you are doing. 

“Are We There Yet?” ds106 Assignment Bank, assignments.ds106.us/assignments/are-we-there-yet/.

For this assignment I chose to use a picture of me and my friend, Chy. This picture was originally taken at the Big Ash Bonfire that UMW holds in the fall. I chose to use this picture because Chy and I talk about traveling after we finish college, so I thought this would be the best picture to use.


  1. First I found the background and figured out which other picture I wanted to use
  2. I then opened the Bazaart app on my phone

3. I then set the background to the pyramids

4. I then put the other picture on top and then blended the top photo into pyramid background

5. I then positioned the top photo where I wanted it

6. Then you click the save button located in the top right corner

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