Will You Be My Valentine?

Valentine: 4 Stars

Create you very own Valentines Day cards. Go ahead and make a funny spoof valentine that would make people laugh! Use at least one image and modify it in some way to create a cool effect. Afterwards, go ahead and send that baby out to people who would get a kick out of it. You can be sentimental if you want to, but funny cards are prefered! 

“Valentine.”ds106 Assignment Bank, assignments.ds106.us/assignments/valentine/.  

For this assignment I wanted to do something funny and poke fun at a Sci-Fi movie or should I say movies. I hope everyone has heard of Sharknado by now, seeing as they made six movies. My friends and I often watch new sci-fi movies when they come out, so when we heard about the Sharknado movie coming out, we decided to watch it. It ended up being worse than we thought and we mainly laughed the whole movie. Every time a new Sharknado would come out we would all get together just to laugh at them. So this assignment was made to poke fun at the Sharknado films.


  1. I went onto Canva to find a theme I liked
  2. I choose the background picture, then I put them together

3. Once I got the pictures together, I went to put a caption on the photo

4. Once that was done, I then saved the photo- you do this by clicking the download button in the top right corner of the site

5. You then click what type of file you would like to download, and that’s it!

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