Photo Tips

This week I thought about the articles I read and the videos I watched for this class and I tried using different tips from these sources to create better pictures.

The first tip I tried was a combination of Get Pickier and Change My Perspective By Changing Yours both from the book TEN: Ten Ways to Improve Your Craft. None of Them Involve Buying Gear by David duChemin. Here is the link to the tips I used.

I thought about these tips for about a day or so about how I could take better pictures and what I could take pictures of. Then I saw my dog, Cooper as he was on my bed and I thought “Wouldn’t it look cool if you could get a picture of him sideways to see what he looks like when gravity is affecting him different?” And thankfully he let me take the picture. This is one of my favorite pictures I have taken for this class because I like the way that his lip and ears are pulling down. Also I like the way that the camera is focused right on his face so that everything else is blurred out.

The next tip I tried was again from David duChemin’s book TEN: Ten Ways to Improve Your Craft. None of Them Involve Buying Gear. This tip was Create Depth.

I thought that this picture created depth because the plant leaves are in the foreground, but they are more blurred out as the picture does not focus on the plant. I found this was harder than the picture tips I tried as I was unsure of how to create depth in a 2-D picture. I was doing the Photo Safari and saw this plant while I was walking past trying to complete the requirements. As I walked by, I thought that if I could get the picture just right that it might actually turn out well, and I think it did!

My next photo is actually from my Photo Safari, but I think it is a better representation of creating depth.

I think this picture was better because it is actually wall paper in my office. And in person it looks like wall paper and nothing else. But I think the picture gives the wall paper depth and makes the plant look alive.


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