TED Radio Hour:

I enjoyed listening to the TED Radio Hour. It really showed a lot of good audio techniques and things that I found interesting. I really liked how they over lapped the sounds and music so that you noticed it but that was all you focused on. I also liked how the music and background sounds made the story upbeat and happy- until about minute 2. These techniques really grabbed my interest and made me wonder what was going to be shown and done next. Stopping the music and completely changing the mood of the story was unexpected and I thought it worked very well. I was able to see the turning point in the story as well as her life, so it was executed very well.


I ended up watching Lo Down Episode 11. I chose this one because I watched the first one and then wanted to go random to see what different topics were talked about. I really liked how ScottLo explained different platforms that he uses for his audio assignments as well as explaining how to work through those platforms. He walks you through step by step and tries to explain how to use these platforms. He also tells you which ones are free and which ones you have to pay for. Another part of him explaining and giving tips was which application/platforms work on iPhones and are easier to use than others.

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