Summary of Photo Tips

The photo that I am most proud of this week is….

I am most proud of this picture because I took it without even thinking it would turn out good. This was taken in my office’s break room around 5 o’clock. I love how the blinds chop up this picture and how the trees almost look like they’re planted on one of the blind slats. This picture is a good example of Pay Attention to The Moment, which is from David duChemin’s book, TEN: Ten Ways to Improve Your Craft. None of Which Involve Buying Gear.


I enjoyed watching David Griffin’s video How Photography Connects Us. He explained Photography exactly how it should be. He said “Photographs capture a specific moment and hoe we remember that moment. He also explained how photos are a visual narrative and how they explain and tell a story. He also showed a picture of elephants that was captured in the moonlight and that made me realize that the moonlight, if bright enough could be a unique source of light. And with the right camera and settings you could capture amazing photos with the moonlight as your light source. He also showed pictures from cities around the world which was also interesting because he said “These pictures are a broad story in a focused way.” Which made me think about much many pictures I have taken in my life that were focused on a specific point, nut yet they told a much bigger picture. I also thought that the picture of the by-catch in the video was astounding, we always hear about by-catch but to actually see it from below as the fish are being throw back into the ocean dead, was shocking. Below is the link to David Griffin’s video.

Brian Kennedy’s video named Visual Literacy was interesting because he taught you how to “read” a picture or image. He said “Art is a language, it is a form of communication.” I thought that was an excellent way to put it because for many years people communicated through pictures and drawings. And if you think about numbers and letters now are still shapes and can be turned into art. “A text is an image, and an image is a text.” -Brian Kennedy. Below is the link to this video.


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