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Car Lust: 2 Stars

So I wanted to submit a new visual assignment. All of us, most of us anyways, have a dream car. This is a simple assignment. Take a picture, or find a picture on the web of a car that you love. Then, write a description of how that car make you feel. That’s it. Short and simple. This combines the visual of a car, with the story telling aspect, of how an object make you feel.

“Car Lust.” ds106 Assignments Bank, assignments.ds106.us/assignments/car-lust/.

For my second assignment I decided to do the Car Lust assignment. I wanted to complete this assignment because I already have my dream car. My dream car from as far as I can remember has always been a Ford Mustang. When I got my first car it was a Chevy Cavalier. And as soon as I got my car I started working two jobs to afford a Mustang. After about a year and a half of hard work I finally was able to afford my own 2010 Ford Mustang- without the help of my parents. And now I’m currently working to sell this car and buy another Mustang.


  1. I found the assignment on the assignment bank
  2. Then I uploaded my picture


  1. jivanjack says:

    v6 or v8? What size engine?

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