Another Bites the Dust


I found this week very challenging. I had to read and reread the articles multiple times. I had a hard time understanding a lot of the concepts as well as how to incorporate them into my own pictures. However I powered through it and completed all of the assignments. I feel like towards the end of this week I add figured out and understood more of the concepts we learned about this week.

This week the work included: twelve stars of design assignments, a designblitz, a reflection of Massimo Vignelli, two GIF assignments, and four daily creates. I have found that I am still pushing myself further than I normally would in a class. Along with my assignments, I commented on five separate blog posts this week. Commenting really pushed me to understand a concept or the assignment before I posted. I also enjoyed seeing my classmate’s work and all of the effort they have put into this class.

I feel good about most of the photos from desingblitz. I liked most of my original pictures, however; when I started editing the photos I started to really love some of them. I am proud at how far my photo editing and photography skills have come since the start of this class.

If I could redo some of my work the first thing I would redo would be Monday’s daily create, I am not happy at all with how my picture turned out. I would also take more time to work through my daily creates a little bit better- which is something I plan to do for the next three weeks.


First I completed all of the assignment bank assignments including the GIF assignments. I always enjoy these assignments as they force me to be creative and put more effort into my thinking process for an assignment.

For a lot of my assignment banks assignments, I got to use either my pets, my parent’s pets, or my boyfriend’s pet as inspirational. I am such an animal person so this was right up my alley. I also have a million pictures of the pets in my life so it’s easy to find funny ones and tell the stories behind the photos.

Next is going to be all of my daily creates I definitely can improve on these daily creates and that is something I plan to do for the next three weeks.

Third is going to my desingblitz which I was very stressed about as I was not understanding some of the concepts. But after I finished it I realized that iI did capture a few good photos and a lot of bad one- which I posted in my designblitz blog and on Flickr.

Finally is my reflection on Massimo Vignelli.

Final thoughts:

Some final thoughts on this week are I need to slow down when doing daily creates. I also learned that using photoshop and creating GIFs were nowhere near as hard to create and use as I thought they were. Creating the GIFs were insanely easy as I downloaded apps on my phone and the apps and Google walked me through everything. I enjoyed Wednesday’s daily create the most because I was able to express something I really love. I’m excited to take what I have learned and apply what I would like to do differently to next weeks assignments.


  1. clowery2 says:

    I really enjoy how well put together your blog is. It is easy to navigate through your different posts and assignments, the organization for all of them is awesome! I am really struggling with my blog site so I am definitely going to take some of your tips and try to incorporate them into my blogs. I found it very funny that you did a gif on sassy animals and yours was about your cat because so did I! I have 4 cats so I know all about how sassy cats can be and how much attention they need to stay satisfied

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