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Reflection Time:

This week the work assigned included: 10 stars from the Visual Assignments bank, 3 daily creates, a Photo Safari, creating multiple blog posts, and a few other things. Over the course of this week I have learned many things. I have accomplished more than I thought I would have and I have become more comfortable working with technology. In only a week, this class has pushed me further out of my comfort zone than I have been in a while. I am very pleased with how far I have come in completing this fist week.

I feel better about the second half of this week’s work than the first half. I feel that I did better with the material and assignments given in the later half of this week. I believe this is because that the class starts on Monday and things are due by Wednesday night, so you have three days to figure a lot of things out. Setting up my blog gave me a bit of trouble and trying to figure out everything I needed to do before the next step was stressful. The first half of this week was very stressful, however; after I turned in my Week 1 Mid-Week Summary I was able to catch a breath. After Wednesday I was able still stressed but then I completed the Photo Safari and I had a great time in doing so. I thought the Photo Safari was amazing. It brought an element of fun and didn’t seem like class work as much as other assignments.

If I could redo this week of work, I would ask for help sooner than I did. I would also think through more of my work before attempting to complete it. Both of these steps that I would changed caused me a lot of stress and wasted a lot of valuable time that I could have used on other assignments for this class. Many of the assignments I thought I knew what I was doing or thought that I could figure it out as I went, which caused me to have to redo my work or pick a different visual assignment to do. I think my only questions from this week are: How do you do it? As in how do you become so good at computers and building websites. Is it just practice? Or are there webinars or anything like that for beginners? Something a little bit more than YouTube, however; after I watched the WordPress help videos I was able to figure more things out. I just want to know how to become better in using technology.


I found both of the videos assigned as well as the article very interesting. To hear the stories behind photographs and learning how to “read” pictures was amazing. I had never thought of pictures as a language and Brian Kennedy’s video shinned a new light onto art for me.

The Photo Safari was probably my favorite assignment to complete this week. The safari came right after the Mid-Week assignments were due and I had been stressed about those. So for me the safari was more of a game than an assignment that I needed to stress over. This is a great assignment for people like me who needed a break from the commotion and stressfulness of starting anew class and not understanding a lot within the class.

I cannot tell anyone enough about how much I enjoyed this assignment. I had an absolute blast running around my office trying to capture the right moment. This was definitively a fun task and a savager hunt versus an assignment that I had to stress over.

I was very proud of the photo I took which is in my photo-reflection. Looking back it in now though I am not as happy with it as I was the day I took the picture. I thought it was one of the coolest pictures I had ever taken, but now when I look at it I wish the time of day had been different so that I could have played more with the shadows. Also I would have liked to have had a focal point in the picture. As the picture is now it just looks at the trees. So looking back on it had a bird or animal, or even just a bench been in the picture along with more unique shadows I feel like the whole mood of the picture could have been changed.

I just feel like my work could have been better with this picture but I am still proud of it because it’s not a complete failure. There is always room for improvement and I think it’s important to realize that not every picture is going to be perfect and your insight on something can change very quickly.

I thoroughly enjoyed all of The Daily Creates. The three I did were What book was I reading, Create a story about the mask, and finally Create a song for children. I had the most fun creating the song for children, I found this daily create to be the most challenging and it made me really sit down and be creative.

I also had fun completing the other Daily Creates, I liked being able to show people what I reading. And I also enjoyed being able to make up a story as a lot of people at work who know me and my family, found the story very hilarious.

My visual assignments were also fun to me. I enjoyed being able to pick which ever assignments I wanted to do. I liked certain ones more than others, but I’m sure I could have found better ones for me to complete. I spent a lot of time trying out different assignments but I quit doing about ten of them due to different reasons on each but for the most part the reason I stopped was due to not having the knowledge I need to create the assignment. I also had a lot of trouble with not thinking enough about one of the assignments before I jumped right into them which caused a lot of struggling and frustration. But once I got to the ones that really peaked my interest and I thought them through all of the way, I found them enjoyable and fun to complete.

I thoroughly enjoyed visual storytelling. Before this week I had never really thought of storytelling through pictures. I always thought of storytelling as movies or verbal storytelling. This class has taught me to look at things in a unique way as well as understanding that pictures are a language. They are a language that we as humans can read as long as we understand how to read pictures. Creating my own pictures and completing these assignments has been a learning experience for me and now that I’m more comfortable with technology I am excited to see what I am capable of doing with other storytelling elements.

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