Summer Mid Week 1



For starting my introductions on my social media platforms, I thought it would be best to start with what I thought was the easiest task. So I started with Flickr-

Hi all! Welcome to my Flickr. These are a few of my favorite pictures. Please enjoy seeing my pets and my family!! #ds106

I thought Flickr was one of the easier task to complete, so I did it first in order to spend more time with the platforms that challenged me. As well as spending more time figuring out how to set up my blog and make it mine.


After Flickr I moved onto Twitter, Twitter was also an easier platform for me because I regularly use Twitter. Since I have posted, I have gone back on Twitter to see what my classmates have posted to see what they enjoy doing in their free time and so on.


After Flickr and Twitter, I had some troubles. I am very shy so the thought of having to do a SoundCloud and a YouTube terrified me. However I completed the YouTube introduction first because that seemed easier than the SoundCloud. For my YouTube introduction, I spliced together two videos so that my one complete video said “Hi my name is Rhiannon.” For YouTube I wanted to try something new and not be boring. I screen recorded each video on my phone and then used the Clips app that Apple offers on my phone, and then uploaded my video to YouTube.


Finally SoundCloud was the platform that I have been dreading. I am very shy and do not record myself or really speak to anyone that I do not know. So this was challenging for those reasons but I also just could not figure SoundCloud out- I was not aware that you had to upload your file through a computer. However, once I figured it out it wasn’t difficult at all. First I used the Voice Memos app on my phone. Then I emailed the file to myself, downloaded it onto my computer and saved it. Then I went to SoundCloud and it was very easy to upload-just a few clicks.

The Daily Create

After completing all of my social media platforms and saying Hello, I then completed a Tuesdays’s daily create- What are you reading. I enjoyed this daily create because I love to read so getting to see what others are reading and getting ideas for new books to read is amazing.

Activities for this week

So far with this week I feel that my assignments that I have completed have been satisfactory. To me they have been very good considering before Monday I didn’t even know how to work YouTube or SoundCloud, so I am feeling very Well about that. The most trouble that I had was customizing my blog and I am still having some troubles with the blog part. Another thing that gave me trouble was SoundCloud but that was not for any technological reason, that was due to my own issues. I really enjoyed the Twitter aspect of this class and being able to see other people in the world enjoying this class. As well as the YouTube introduction, when it was all said and done I actually had a lot of fun making my video and I am proud of my work. If I could redo this first half of this week differently, I would ask for more help instead of just struggling/floundering for hours at a time. Had I asked after a few tries/ 30 minutes or so this whole process could have gone much faster and smoother. A larger issue surrounding my work is my lack of computer skills and also my shyness, however; both of those issues are part of the reason why I took this class and not one of the English classes offered.

Setting up My Blog

Setting up my blog was very difficult for me. I am not tech savvy at all. First I followed all of the instructions on Domain of Your Own. That part was easy and I had hardly any troubles with that, however; I had a lot of difficulties with the design, themes, plugins, and so on. I was not aware that most of the options I was given even existed much less how to use them or what they were. I calmed myself down and I followed the instructions on the websites given in the syllabus. This helped tremendously because the plugins listed that I needed to install were very simple. The plugins also basically walked me step by step on how to do a lot of the things I was stressing about. I also got familiarized and a bit more comfortable with everything by just playing around with all of the options I could see (I’m sure there are many more.) My blog is still a work in process because I am still not sure how to do a few things but I am working on it and Googling a lot.

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